5 principal components of physical fitness

5 Principal types of Physical Fitness

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Principal Types of Physical Fitness

First of all, it’s important to know that physical fitness is really related to our ability to function effectively throughout our working day. As well as performing our various daily activities and still having enough energy to support and cope with any additional stress or any so-called (urgent) situation that might arise during our day. Now, here are the principal types of physical fitness:

The 5 Principal Types Of Physical Fitness

1 – Cardiorespiratory endurance –

This is determined by the effectiveness with which the body transmits oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for muscle activity. The same goes for its ability to evacuate and transport waste from the cells.

2 – Muscular strength –

This is determined by the greatest force that a muscle or muscle group can exert in a single effort.

3 – Muscular endurance –

Here, endurance is represented by the ability of a muscle or a muscle group to perform repetitive movements with a higher than normal deployment of force for long periods of time.

4 – Flexibility –

Flexibility is determined by the ability to move joints or any set of joints in a range of normal movement.

5 – Body composition –

When we talk about body composition and well, you should know that it represents the percentage of body fat that a person has in relation to his total body mass.


Now, how can you improve your own fitness performance?

Well, to begin with, make sure that the improvement in the first three principal components of physical fitness listed above will definitely have a more than positive impact on overall body composition. In addition, this will result in a decrease in your fat content. You need to understand that excess body fat will always harm other parts of fitness. Just as it reduces performance, it damages appearance, attacks and negatively affects your health.

What factors does physical condition affect?

Primordial factors to well-being such as speed, muscle power, agility, eye-hand coordination and eye-hand and eye-foot coordination are all classified as components of “motor” fitness.

These factors usually affect your athletic ability. Proper training and exercises can improve these factors. All within your capabilities. That’s why, establishing a rational weight loss and fitness program, should primarily aim to improve or preserve all components of physical fitness as well as your important motor skills through healthy, progressive physical training specific to your goals.

Basic principles of the exercise

Of course, you will need to follow some basic principles in order to develop effective training. The same exercise rules apply to all fitness levels. From Olympic caliber athletes to weekend athletes.

Here are the basic principles you should always follow.

Regularity –

In order to achieve a training result, you must necessarily do exercises frequently. In fact, you should work on each of the first four components of your fitness routine. At least three times a week if possible. Sporadic or occasional exercise can actually do more harm than good. This is why regularity is also very important to recharge your batteries, sleep and follow a balanced nutritional plan.

Make constant progress –

Always keep in mind that the intensity level (at what point) and/or duration (how long) of your workout will need to continually increase in order to improve your fitness.

Having a balance –

Indeed, to be effective, a program should always include activities that affect all components of fitness, because too much emphasis on one component could ultimately harm the others.

The pleasure will always lie in the variety –

Diversification of activities also reduces boredom and increases stimulation, development, and progress.

The importance of specificity in your objectives –

When you start a training course, it must, of course, be focused on specific objectives. For example, runners become better if their training focuses on running. Although swimming is an excellent exercise, it does not improve running time by 2 miles as much as running training.

Recovery time –

On a hard training day for a given component of fitness, you will also need to plan a training day or an easier recovery day for that component or set(s).

Do you need some activities suggestions?

So now that you know you should exercise regularly and you know all the health benefits of a more active lifestyle. You may have all tried the famous gym test, but it just wasn’t for you. The temptation to sit in front of your TV, computer or cell phone screen or relax with a good book is simply too great. Who wants to go to the gym now anyway?

10 activities to develop the 5 principal types of physical fitness

There are many other options to become more active that do not include types of activities such as jogging, weightlifting or other traditional ways to train and work our muscles. So if the gym isn’t an option for you, here are some suggestions to get you moving.

1) Hunt your children around the yard.

You find this funny, believe me, you will be surprised at how much exercise will require constant physical effort. As a bonus, this allows you to play different games with your children and at the same time, you accustomed them to have an active life and away from game consoles. You’ll see time go by faster while you’re having fun. Plus, I’m pretty sure your little ones will appreciate the time you give them with you. So, come on! Get out of the house and have fun while developing an active family life.

2) Turn up the music level and let yourself go to the dance.

In your living room, while cleaning, washing dishes, or after you have been sitting for too long. Sometimes you just have to play your favourite music and let yourself dance in the house. Not only will you increase your cardiovascular rate, but you will also have more fun doing these daily chores.

3) You could plant flowers

Spring and summer have arrived. So when the sun is shining outside, go out and plant plants or flowers. Why not even start a small vegetable garden, or prune bushes, mow the lawn or plant a tree. The important thing is that you understand the idea. Just go there, enjoy the sun and fresh air, play and recharge your batteries with nature. In fact, it is considered a very beneficial exercise in my book.

4) Go for a walk, take a walk with a friend

Take walks, go on excursions and invite a friend to come with you, it’s always more pleasant for two. You will see that sometimes it is during small or long walks that some of the best conversations take place. While talking with a friend, the time seems to go faster and before you know it, you will have walked for a good 30 minutes. This, done on a regular basis will prove very positive for you.

5) Listen to music or an audiobook while walking.

The goal here again is to keep your mind focused on something else. This will make the time pass faster and you will also get a little more satisfaction while hiking. You can even get an MP3 player or similar device. Today, technology allows you to easily integrate any kind of content you want to listen to and then go for a walk.

6) Find yourself a subscription to a yoga or Pilates class

You might be interested. You can consider taking a yoga or Pilates class. There are more and more resources in these areas and I am sure you can find some in or around your neighborhood. These two types of workouts actually have a relatively little impact and they won’t leave you sweaty and in pain (most of the time). You may also appreciate the opportunity to meet new people in the classroom. However, the important thing is to get you moving and these two disciplines will be able to accomplish this. Moreover, they will allow you to develop a balance between the physical and the mental.

7) Take dance classes with your partner

Okay, here’s the difficulty of this point: Convince your partner of the benefits of taking dance lessons for your fitness. However, it’s true that dancing will give you quite the workout and you will see that it’s simply fun and of course romantic. Think about all the possibilities available to you. You can choose from everything from ballroom dancing, line dancing, Latin American dance, etc. Prefer what feels good and go for it. And you can enjoy the extra one-on-one time with your partner. You see, there are many positive things about getting involved in active living.

8) Go swimming at the lake or public pool.

Know that swimming makes it possible to make an excellent exercise touching the 5 principal types of physical condition mentioned above in the article. it has a small and easy impact on your joints. Swim a few lengths, then have fun, move around in the water and play games with your kids.

9) Go cycling, venture!

Why not enjoy it and take the whole family for a bike ride. You could go for an evening stroll in your area or organize a longer weekend trip. Get ready in advance for a picnic lunch. So you can have more fun in nature while being with the family and be pedaling.

10) Adventure in nature with a hike

Use Google maps and try to find hiking trails in your community. It can be a fun activity for you and a friend, or even for your whole family. First, you can start with easy trails and continue gradually to harder, longer or steeper trails. Moreover, the fresh air of nature will give you energy it is guaranteed!

Well, that’s it! Now it’s your turn, go ahead, pick one or two of my suggestions and move on. I’m pretty sure you’ll even find versions of activities by your own imagination. Of course, the most important thing will always be to find something you like and I persist on that point. In conclusion, it is true that the ideal is to succeed in achieving muscle overload in order to progress. However, this is not for everyone, but what is primordial for every human being, is to be healthy. Which means: Go ahead and move today, get out and enjoy your free time.

Tell us what you thought about this post? Will you apply what you’ve just read? Let’s us know, we always appreciate your comments. But in the meantime don’t forget to develop your 5 principal types of physical fitness!

Your friend MAC.



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