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First, in this article, you’ll find information and suggestions on natural health beauty products and more precisely on Algae Skin Care products & the Algae skin benefits for you. So, without further ado, let’s see what Seaweed skin care products can do for you and the health of your skin!

For several years, seaweed has been a popular food supplement in virtually every region of the globe. Indeed, studies have shown that Algae or if you prefer seaweed, are particularly rich in vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and K which allow us to maintain a healthy body and be strong enough to fight against multiple forms of diseases.

In addition to containing important loads of vitamins, seaweed is recognized as excellent sources of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, iron and zinc. In short, most of the minerals our body needs to be healthy. Researchers have discovered that these algae are not just good dietary supplements, but are also powerful active ingredients for beauty and cosmetic care. But more specifically for skin care.

Seaweed Have Made Its Proof!

Research has shown that seaweed beauty product & formulas are more effective and safe for virtually all skin types. The truth is those Seaweed Algae skin care & beauty products are now considered to be among the best in the cosmetics industry. Over the years, many specialists in the industry have developed various types of beauty products from seaweed. I invite you to read about all the skin care benefits of algae specified in an article on  by clicking here!

Algae Skin Care
Taking Your skin Health To Another Level!


Different skin types vary from person to person, so it’s not safe to assume that what works for one person will work for you too. However, don’t worry. Now, there are several varieties of seaweed beauty products to meet the needs of each skin type. So don’t worry, you will certainly find the best seaweed beauty product for you. Nevertheless, make sure you know your skin type so that you can use the algae beauty product specific to your needs to prevent any discomfort. ( If you’re presently asking yourself what type of skin do I have? Know that at the end of this article I will give you a trick to find it out.

Here are the main skin types

The different skin types can be classified into four basic groups which are:

  • Normal skin, Dry skin,
  • Oily skin.
  • Combination skin.

The normal skin

In general, this is the ideal skin type!
“Normal” skin is perceived as the ideal or simplest skin to treat. In truth, most people seek to obtain this type of skin by opting for the use of cosmetics.

The normal skin is neither too oily nor too dry, it does not shine, does not tighten, does not blush during sudden temperature variations. To be honest this skin is often linked to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet. Healthy skin called here “normal” rarely needs cosmetic products. Since the skin is naturally beautiful!

Do you suffer from dry skin?

If you are one of those who often have dry skin, it’s because your skin lacks lipids, in other words, “sebum”, which results in a greater evaporation of water. However, this skin type should not be confused with a dehydrated skin type.

Dry skin often looks like this:

  • It seems rougher to the touch and loses its softness.
  • the skin looks tight, especially after washing us.
  • Can sometimes peel very easily.
  • It’s usually more sensitive to temperature variations: hot, cold, wind, humidity, etc.

With time and aging those with dry skin will often see fine but quite numerous wrinkles appear on their face.

What Is Oily Skin?

Oily skin, unlike dry skin, is caused by excess sebum, called “seborrhea”. It mainly appears on the face, and upper back area and is easily distinguished by the following:

  • It’s brilliance;
  • The skin looks thick and rather dull;
  • The pores are open and dilated;
  • several blackheads may be present on the oily skin.

Oily skin can occur for a variety of causes, including: 

  • Stress is a predominant factor;
  • When we use cosmetics that are too pickling for our skin.
  • For hormonal reasons;
  • Due to air pollution;

With time and aging, those with oily skin will also show wrinkles but a little less. However, their wrinkles are usually deeper and more pronounced.

Combination skin
Finding yourself between two skin types


As you might expect, combination skin is simply a combination of two skin types:

The type of oily skin will mostly be found on the median area of the face or the T-zone. This area is delimited by the forehead, nose, and chin, which form a kind of T and is characterized by shine and the presence of blackheads. While normal or dry skin will find itself more on the cheeks.

This skin type is probably the most difficult to handle, as it often requires products that will be suitable for both skin types. So sometimes you will need to think about getting different products to suit the difference between the areas of your body and their skin type.

What Type Of Skin Do I Have?

To help you determine your own skin type, I would like to give you my little trick. It’s the Kleenex test. When we use this method or rather this Kleenex test, we can quite easily obtain a good indication of the nature of the skin. So here’s how I propose you proceed:

  1. Start by removing your makeup first.
  2. Then wash your skin thoroughly.
  3. After that, wait about thirty minutes, so that the glands of your skin have worked enough.
  4. Now continue by placing a kleenex over your face, as if you were putting on some kind of mask. Then lightly press the tissue against your skin for no more than 15 seconds, that’s enough.
  5. To conclude, remove the kleenex and analyze it in the light.

Your Skin Type
Test Results

First, if you notice residue or grease marks (often almost transparent or light) all over your Kleenex, it probably indicates that you have oily skin. However, if there are traces of grease, but they are only in the middle zone or the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) Then it is very likely that you have combination skin. Then, to finish if there are no marks or residue on your tissue well, that’s a good sign and you probably have a normal skin.

As for dry skin, it is very simple to diagnose, since it’s often dry and people who have this type of skin know it and do not need a test to determine their skin type.

Seaweed Skin Care Products
Natural Health Beauty Products


In addition, great care should be taken when using beauty products, even if they are advertised as Naturel Health Beauty Products. The same goes for Seaweed skin care products. Because the skin can also be sensitive, mature or even dehydrated. That’s why, before you apply any of these seaweed beauty products to your face or any part of your body, I advise you to pay attention to the label and read the instructions for the ingredients used in the product so that they are adapted to your skin style. Always check to make sure your beauty products are free of ingredients that may cause allergies or skin reactions.

In addition, before using the beauty product, it is preferable to test it by first applying it only on a tiny part of your skin. Wait a while to see if you show any signs of allergic or skin reactions. If you notice itching or tingling in the area where you used the beauty products, stop using it immediately. It simply means that this one is not for you. So, at the risk of repeating myself, do not use any health products just because it’s working for your friend. Be sure that he’s made for you and your skin type! Make sure it is designed for your own needs.

However, care should be taken when using seaweed cosmetics when suffering from acne or any other form of a skin lesion. For safety reasons, if you are unsure, I recommend that you consult a dermatologist who will better guide you towards an appropriate choice for you. Since you must remember that certain types of cosmetics are likely to cause damage to sensitive skin. So take the time to choose your products carefully!

Our Seaweed Skin Care Recommendations

Below, I will leave you a list of wonderful seaweed algae skin care & beauty products for you. Those Natural health Beauty products will definitely bring your skin health to another level! But remember to take the time to check what skin type you are before choosing the right product for you. But once you’ll know don’t hesitate to try one of these you won’t be disappointed!

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To Conclude

I hope that you did appreciate this article and that the products that I suggest you will be able to fully satisfy your expectation. But if you have more problem like psoriasis or eczema you should read my article on the subject to find some good solutions. Read Skin Psoriasis Treatment right now – Click Here! So, on this, I would like to conclude by saying…


Truly Healthy Beauty!


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