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Healthy Drinking Water Facts

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First of all, it would be really great if everyone could stop poisoning themselves with our drinking water, which is unfortunately often contaminated or unfit for human health. At first, as far as I was concerned, I didn’t think that finding a safe and inexpensive source of drinking water would be such a complex task. (To be honest, I wish I just had to turn on the faucet and be satisfied! Unfortunately, nowadays it doesn’t seem so simple. That’s why I’d like to talk to you about the best water ionizer & some healthy drinking water facts that I found so that you can open your eyes to the bottled water scam.

So, if you are considering investing in your drinking water, then I advise you to read this article first…

The Truth About Drinking Water

You are probably familiar with all the sales techniques of large companies. Since, we have all already heard the wonderful claims of merchants about their health products, which makes us believe that our whole lives will be changed! Whether we are talking about curing cancer with magnets, pharmaceutical products, supposedly natural, miracle cure and even Vioxx.

In short, there’s even a good chance that you may already have been the target of some of these false sales tricks since these companies are only trying to sell you the latest fashion of the day! Don’t worry you’re not alone, I too have been manipulated to buy all kinds of things, but water, honestly I don’t remember. However, the truth about the drinking water scams is that their lie has been repeated so often, that for some it has become “the truth”. It’s sad but it’s reality!

Finally, after many disillusions, I got fed up and decided to get to the bottom of this story to really learn what we should all do to ensure that our most basic and essential nutrient – water – could keep us healthy and not make us sick.

Bottled Water Industry Facts

I have visited and consulted many commercial, amateur and even some university and government websites and I have been disappointed by what I have seen on many occasions. Here are the bottled water industry facts that I found during my research.

Most of the Information was outdated or appeared to be recurrent information from other websites.

Many of the allegations and statements were completely bizarre and bordered on sensationalism. In fact, no in-depth research or studies had been conducted on several of the products marketed.

Most of these fraudulent companies did not offer refunds or after-sales service.

Bottled Water & Reverse Osmosis Water Bottle

I had already known for some time that we could no longer trust tap water because of the presence of more or less 2000 contaminants (This is a real fact on drinking water).

But more concretely, I discovered that :

1- Bottled water: Bottled water is not a true source of pure drinking water. We can even say that it’s no more than tap water filtered by basic filters. PLus they are sold at excessive prices and the bottle also have an environmental cost.

2- Reverse Osmosis water bottle and distilled water (demineralized water): In this case, we must know that we have totally ignored the medical evidence on the harmful effects of water consumption free of minerals, natural acid and oxidizing in the long term. And believe me, the effects can be more than harmful to your health.

I must tell you that I quickly realized that these products were most of the time either useless, too expensive, or poorly evaluated and potentially harmful in the long term. However, I am forced to admit that companies that offered this type of product would still smile when they went to the bank. Since many people continue to get trapped by the deceptive sales tactics of these companies. Just take the example on the popularity of bottled water!

But if you want to opt for a product that offers the same result as reverse osmosis water bottles and that will make you save big. I advise you to opt for the “Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System” which is probably the best-rated system by buyers on Amazon. See the image below. And you can even read the comments and opinions of the buyers by clicking here!

Bottled Water Scam

It all started in the early’90s. The great fear of tap water arose through intense marketing campaigns aimed at convincing consumers that bottled water was the only safe alternative to tap water. When in reality, options such as home water purification systems are generally much more convenient and less expensive than bottled water, which represents a total cost of $22 billion per year for consumers. Personally, I find this incredible and unacceptable. Imagine what we could do with all this money, famine and drought could surely be eradicated from the earth.

When you look more closely at the sparkling water that looks so refreshing in our plastic bottle, you discover a few alarming facts: According to the National Resources Defense Council, more than 40 percent of all bottled water would be nothing more than local tap water, carried from a pipe to the plastic of your bottle, without treatment or almost none at all.

Despite this alarming and not hidden statistic, the average cost of bottled water is comparatively 1,000 times higher than for tap water. The common mortal would be inclined to believe that these high prices would surely suggest more stringent filtration requirements for bottled water. However, do you want to learn a disturbing water fact? The US Food and Drug Administration sets the same or more flexible standards for bottled water as the Environmental Protection Agency does for tap water.

The result, according to the National Resources Defense Council, is that nearly 22% of all bottled water contains levels of contaminants that violate standards, such as E. coli and fecal coliforms.

Clean Drinking Water Solutions

So what do we do when neither the faucets nor the bottles are good enough to satisfy our thirst and keep us healthy? Some specialists recommend incorporating a complete water filtration system into the house. With this method, it would seem that consumers would not only save money, but they would also get control over the purity of their water supply.

People that use a household water filter appreciate water that is free of most harmful pollutants, while plastic water bottles can, after being on the shelf for a few months at most, allow harmful carcinogens to spread into the water. After only one day spent being opened, many of these plastic bottles become real bacteria factories.

The Environmental Aspect Of Bottled Water

And, as you already know, plastic water bottles harm our environment. The Earth Policy Institute states that over 2.7 million tonnes of plastic are needed to bottle water annually, 86% of which will never be returned for recycling. Just imagine for a moment the future damage this will do to our children and future generations.

Nevertheless, don’t despair right away… Thanks to my extensive research on the subject I was able to discover very well studied and completely legitimate products such as water ionizers and certain filters. So, I hope you have not already been misled by false information and statements because I will now talk to you about the ideal solutions to adopt in order to find the best drinking water possible. Moreover, with these solutions, you can fill your own water bottle as you wish. This will save you money and the environment. All you have to do is get a bottle kit like the ones below and you’re done!

Water Ionizer
The Best Solution

It’s no secret that water plays a very essential role in our daily lives. That’s why we must always ensure that the water we absorb is clean, pure and free of ions. So that’s why I’d like to talk to you about water ionizers, which I think are clearly the key solution to properly cleaning and purifying water from your own kitchen faucet.

The majority of us are able to make the most of one of our planet’s most precious natural resources – WATER. Just like the earth, our own bodies are made up of about 70% water and our brains 80%. It is therefore clear that the majority of our body’s functions are governed by water. Like the pH balance, the toxin removal mechanism, the body’s thermoregulation are greatly influenced by the quantity and quality of the water we ingest.

Of course, you can also drink tap water. However, when you do, you lose virtually all of your benefits and get many things that you don’t find in the ionized water. Unfortunately, none of these elements are beneficial to health; in reality, they can, on the contrary, endanger health. Water ionizers are different from water filters in that the water you receive from an ionizer has been scientifically improved (so to speak) while a simple filter only removes harmful elements from the tap water. This is why water ionizers such as the Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 or the Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 you will find below.

Water Ionizer Filter

The reason for this scientific process is to make water alkalinized, microclassified and ionized. This process takes place in the ionizers themselves. It’s usually connected to your kitchen water supply and allows you to distribute ionized water at the touch of a button. Most devices are easy to install and the benefits they will bring you are immense.

Here’s the water flow through the ionizer:

The water begins by entering an ionization chamber and undergoes at the same time an electrolysis process or if you prefer ionization. This process transforms about 70% of the water entering the ionizer into OH-, which is alkaline water. While the other 30% of the water is converted to OH+, which is acidified water, the acid water portion can be recovered and used around the house such as to water plants. While the alkaline water will serve you for drinking and cooking. So you can be sure to have clean, healthy water in your hands at all times! So, if you want a really high-performance system, you could go for the Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer – Next Generation. that are shown below.

Advantages Of Alkaline Water

The so-called “alkaline” water, which is produced by a water ionizer, will also help to enhance the flavors of your food cooked in water and increase all the natural benefits of drinking water. Ionization transforms the molecular structure of water, reducing it to 6 or 7 molecules per cluster, compared to 12 or 13 for bottled water. This will allow our body to hydrate much more quickly. In addition, this rapid hydration will help regulate our temperature. The alkalinity of the water will help to adjust the pH of our body to the level it should be.

The extra hydration of the water ionizers can also contribute to the digestion system assimilating our meals better. It will also help our toxin and waste disposal system work better by helping organs work more efficiently. This will allow your body to release harmful toxins, which of course will give us better health. Without forgetting that this will help you lose weight since the high intake of ionized water has been associated with the gradual reduction of fat accumulations in the body. So, do not hesitate to get your hands on your own water ionizer as soon as possible to enjoy all the benefits it will provide! I invite you to visit Amazon by clicking here to find a lot of water ionizer choices at prices that the competition can’t match.

Your Investment Will Be Repaid By Many Benefits

Believe me, if you are looking for a reliable and honest solution to purify your drinking water then a water ionizer will be the right investment to make for you. Since it will be able to remove and destroy contaminants from the water while ensuring that all valuable minerals are still delivered to you. This small device will be easy to use and the investment you have made will be repaid many times with all the benefits you will get by consuming this greatly improved water. And as you know water is our most precious possession! So don’t neglect your health and take care of the water you drink!

I hope this article has been helpful, if you have any comments or even suggestions feel free to share them with us you may well be able to help your fellow! On this spend a wonderful and healthy day for all!


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