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7 Causes Of Acne For Adult & 7 Best Acne Solutions

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A common misconception about acne is that it only affects young teens. But the reality is that many adults have it. This causes physical, emotional and social effects in some of these people. For this reason, I’ve done my acne studies to inform you about the 7 causes of acne for adults & the 7 best acne solutions.

What Is Adult Acne & the consequences

Persistent adverse effects can cause some problems. With adults, you should know that acne will frequently leave permanent and unsightly scars. The reason behind this is that with time the skin ages just like us and this causes a loss of collagen, (elements that help to heal). It will, therefore, take much longer for the lesions to heal and they often end up leaving visible marks.

7 Causes Of Acne For Adult & 7 Best Acne SolutionsOf course, it’s sometimes difficult to detect the psychological consequences that acne can cause. For example, it would be reasonable to argue that the psychological impact of acne in adults should be simpler to manage. For the simple reason that the person is now more mature and not predisposed to anger and panic attacks as in some teenagers. However, in everyday reality, the psychological consequences for adults are perhaps even more important, since it is judged by many to be specific to adolescents.

Fortunately, in 2018, it became easier for adults to consult dermatologists, as acne is now recognized as a plague not only in young people but also in older people. (But I got to admit that, depending on your area, finding a dermatologist available to meet you quickly, will perhaps be a more complex task. Most have long waiting lists.) Nevertheless, in recent years, there has been a marked increase in free sales of products designed to treat acne in adults. We will see some of them a bit further.

Acne Research Study

Studies of adult acne have been used extensively to identify the triggers and effects on older people, with the direct effect of increasing awareness of the disease and making it easier for more people to seek treatment.

7 Causes Of Acne For Adult & 7 Best Acne Solutions

I am not the first and I certainly will not be the last to mention it. Nowadays, you can easily obtain information on this condition by consulting the Web, or even some medical journals. This implies that the population can finally better understand and know how to combat this widespread problem.

In addition, we note that there appears to be consideration given to the psychological impacts on adults. Remember that, just like younger people, they also have a social life and can also be affected by the attitude of immature people who are making hasty judgments about them, as well as the way they feel perceived.

In short, the best way to treat this condition is to understand what triggers it and what it is. This way you will be in a better position to treat acne physical symptoms. Moreover, know that if you also suffer social and psychological problems due to your condition, you can also be treated. I offer myself to listen to you if you need to talk or confide in me. Together we are always stronger!

What Causes Adult Acne

The onset of acne in an adult of either sex can have several causes. Therefore, it would be very useful and important for anyone suffering from acne to learn about these causes in order to be able to better target the source of the problem. Because, although there are several treatments to fight acne today, the ideal would be to eliminate it once and for all of your life and to do so you will have to find the solution to the source of the problem that lies in the cause. The products are there to relieve but are not always miraculous products. That’s why I suggest you read the following.

7 Causes Of Acne In Adults

1. having suffered from acne as a teenager
It is common to see the acne we had when we were teenagers reappear later in life. The reason why this happens has unfortunately not yet been detected, but it is well known as one of the causes of the presence of acne in adults. Namely, that having already had acne problems in our youth can indeed be related to acne in adults.

2. Unbalance hormones.

In the case of women, acne sometimes reappears during pregnancy. The same applies to women’s menstrual periods. Since hormones also have a role to play in the onset of acne.

3. Stress cause acne.
Something unusual is happening in your life and you feel stressed and anxious. You should rest and let go because stress is a source of many symptoms harmful to our well-being. If you experience too much stress, either about your acne or any other situation in your life, tell yourself that it might be a good idea to talk to a dermatologist or family doctor. Or if you just need to relieve your stress by talking to someone neutral, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

Other possible causes of acne in adults

4. Some medication can cause acne.
Some prescribed medications may cause your acne. In most cases, these products are or contain anabolic steroids, anti-tuberculous drugs, as well as rifampin, isoniazid, lithium, antiepileptics and several other drugs that contain iodine.

5. prolonged pressure on the skin.
Continuous physical pressure on the skin. Such pressure can cause acne flare-ups, whether it’s wearing a helmet or a backpack. Take hockey players as an example, many show signs of eruption where their helmets apply constant pressure on their forehead skin to protect them.

6. Some chemical agents can cause acne.
Then, of course, there are chlorinated industrial chemicals. Because, in some types of industrial environments, simply working in these particular areas can cause symptoms similar to those of acne (chloracne). Chloracne is a skin dysfunction related to constant exposure to chemical agents, such as chlorinated dioxins.

7. Sudden métabolic change can also cause acne.
It should also be considered that metabolic changes may be another cause of acne in adults. When there are upsets or variations in the hormonal balance of the body, such as those we have discussed at the second point. I am talking here about the most obvious which are menstruations or pregnancy for women. But for men, we can take an example on those who take steroids or some hormones to boost their training capacity.

How To Deal With Adult Acne

Within our bodies, it is mainly the so-called hormone-producing organs that are involved in button attacks. This is why I strongly advise you to take sufficient measures to take care of them and maintain them well in order to prevent skin disorders such as acne.

7 Causes Of Acne For Adult & 7 Best Acne SolutionsExtensive research and study on acne have established that this disease may be hereditary in some people. The same applies to hormonal imbalances, which are also problems that can be hereditary.

What I’m about to tell you may surprise you. But did you know that acne is the result of poor management of dead cell exfoliation and oil secretion? Adult rashes and acne lesions are usually found on the face, but can also be found on the chest, neck, back, scalp, legs, arms and even shoulders, in short, everywhere.

Adult acne has the particularity of being very persistent compared to youth acne. The reason for this is that acne in teenagers resolves over time as the hormones settle. The other major drawback that will require attention is that acne in adults more easily leads to irreversible scars. So before you start wanting to blow your acne pimples off, think twice and take it easy!

Key factors that contribute to acne in adults

Again, I may repeat myself, but hormones are considered to be the primary cause of skin rashes or acne. So, logically at this point, I guess you’d like to know which organs produce the hormones in question?

In truth, we are talking about the kidneys, liver, and skin, which are in fact the organs most closely involved in the process of eliminating impurities, toxins and waste particles from our body. If only one of these organs does not do its job properly and fails to eradicate waste from the body, this can result in acne.

A rash is the first sign of dysfunction of at least one of these organs. That’s why it’s essential to facilitate waste treatment in order to help them. One way is to drink more water! When water is absorbed in good quantities, it allows your intestines to clean themselves and the blood to get rid of its toxic elements.

Prevent Acne Triggers!

That’s why so many people tell us how important it is to drink lots of water. There are so many reasons and so many benefits to doing so. Since, if the concentration of body water decreases, the skin may no longer fulfill its role in waste disposal. Or worse, your lungs may no longer oxygenate the bloodstream because of the impure air particles inhaled into them and retained in the body. Therefore, the following factors can be classified as acne triggers. These are air, food, emotional stress, and lack of water. There may be others, but these are the most important. However, enough about the causes, let us now look at the solutions!

Best Natural Acne Solutions

Toxins in our bodies must be properly eliminated to contribute to exposure to clean air, water, natural nutrients and antioxidant-containing foods. So, to help your body in its work and in a completely natural way, it’s recommended to clean your face using warm water and lemon juice.

As you may already know, the wonderful lemon has very special abilities in many areas related to good health. It has the ability to reduce the oil level of the skin, which effectively minimizes acne flare-ups in adults (as in young people).

Opting for a diet rich in fiber will also help you eliminate toxins from your body as well as promote regular bowel movements. Moreover, when you use beauty products, I advise you as much as possible to be wary of oil-based cosmetics.

Preconceived Ideas About Acne In Adults

7 Causes Of Acne For Adult & 7 Best Acne SolutionsMany people don’t seem to know how to fight acne in adulthood. Some people have this preconceived idea that acne comes and goes on its own, or that one just has to press the pimples to burst them and then they disappear. But it’s not so simple, moreover if one acts thus one will surely end up being covered with permanent scars and believe me, nobody wishes that to anybody…

Before continuing, it is also important to remember that acne care for adults is no longer the same as when you were younger, as your skin is probably already very different from what it used to be. For this reason, I would now like to offer you some tips on how to treat acne in adulthood.

Acne And Treatments – 7 Top Acne Solutions

1. Acne solution products.

First, as is often the first reflex in most people. You may want to get your hands on a product with a good reputation for treating acne. Today, many excellent products are available over the counter (no prescription required). Some of them could probably easily treat your mild acne rashes. (We will show you some of them in this article.)

Nowadays, there are many varieties of products available on the market. This is why it’s becoming more and more important to get the right information before making your choice. Because you must make sure that the product you choose is safe for you or not. It must be admitted that several products have proved ineffective and even sometimes dangerous for certain types of more sensitive skin.

If you are afraid to buy products at random (which I don’t think you should ever do). It would then be wise to consult your dermatologist. (find the best U.S Acne clinic). This will ensure that the treatment you choose is right for your skin. Or, thanks to the vastness of the internet, you can ask for advice, suggestions, and recommendations from friends, your more distant family who may already have faced an acne case similar to yours.

However, you are also in the right place because after reading this article in depth you will already know much more and our recommendations are always carefully chosen, based on our own experiences, honest consumer comments and opinions and also based on established studies and research on products. So we only aim for quality, because we want the best for you! That’s why the products you’ll find on this page are among the highest rated and most reputable among consumers on Amazon.

2. Cosmetics that can help treat acne

So, if you are one of those who suffers from acne when you have to choose your cosmetics, I strongly suggest you opt for water-based and hypoallergenic products. As I told you rather move away from tar products and heavy creams. Take the necessary precautions by washing your face and skin every night to remove makeup residue.

3. Clinical Acne Treatments.

For those facing a severe outbreak of acne and if OTC products are not working as expected. You may need to visit a reputable derma clinic in your area. Aesthetic procedures for more pronounced acne are microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

These latter methods are part of a procedure commonly used to treat severe acne in adults. However, we highly advise you to visit a reputable clinic. It’s your skin anyway! If you choose this type of intervention and you plan to do it at home (because home kits do exist) remember that it’s important to keep everything clean at all times.

It will also be possible if you are followed by your doctor or dermatologist to be offered an adult hormonal acne treatment. This treatment will adjust your hormones and reduce your acne flare-ups.

4. Stop squeezing your pimples.

You should immediately stop using your fingers and nails to press your buttons to make them disappear. In fact, stop squeezing them at all!!!! I insist it’s sad, but you do not help your case when you do believe me! Many adults and even young people have this unbearable desire to pinch their pimples on their own. However, know that this could further damage your skin by leaving it scars. So, is that understood now? Never do that again, even if it itches. I know it won’t always be easy, but you can!

5. Healthy Food to fight acne.

This point can really make all the difference. It’s about eating healthy food. It’s no more complicated than that. To remove and eliminate toxins that could cause acne in our body, we must drink plenty of water as we said above. However, eating lots of fruits and vegetables (raw & cooked) will also help your body. Since diet can actually act as an acne medication

We should all eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. These foods are filled with nutrients essential to your body. They strengthen the immune system and it’s no secret that they are excellent antioxidants. Avoid refined sugars and high-fat foods that harm your health and skin. I should also add that you should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day in order to rinse your body of its toxins.

6. Exercise and acne.

Now, know that leading an active but healthy life will greatly help you keep your whole body in top shape and it also involves the good performance of your organs and immune system. Regular exercise will also remove toxins from the body through sweat. In addition, it will already be a good step forward for you towards a healthy life and as a bonus, it will help you fight acne.

7. Clean skin for acne treatment

Finally, try not to rub your face with your hands too often. Then, you should think about thoroughly cleansing your skin every night before going to bed. You can always get a mild cleaning product to help you do the job.

You can also rinse your face as I said above with water and lemon juice. Then once or twice a week, don’t forget to use a quality exfoliant that will help you gently remove damaged skin and open your pores to extract oil.

Before I forget, I would also like to share an important fact about shaving and acne. Although it’s true that shaving is an excellent (treatment) exfoliator, as it eliminates most dead skin. However, know that you should never shave an area infected with or affected by acne rashes. And to spare your skin try using a shaving cream especially if your skin is sensitive.

Curing Adult Acne Possible Or Not?

7 Causes Of Acne For Adult & 7 Best Acne SolutionsSo in the end… Does curing acne is possible or not? Well, yes and no. There are indeed many products on the market and for some of you they will be the ideal remedy, but for others, they might be totally ineffective. Actually, a cure is only a cure when it works for you. But if you seek the real miracle solution and well it will come from you and lifestyle habits. Choose a healthy lifestyle and diet. Learn about natural products and discover life in a whole new way!

In conclusion, remember that well-hydrated skin has many better-regenerating functions than dry skin. So try your best and be active while taking time off. Evacuate your stress through physical activities and your anxiety through good meditation sessions. On this subject, you will be able to read some articles which will surely be practical for you. I link them to you below. However, finish this one and you will come back to it later!

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Of course, I could give you many other tips that could help you treat your adult acne, but I believe that with what you have read in this article will be enough to guide you towards healing. By trying one tip at a time, you will surely discover something that will best suit you and you will be able to defeat your adult acne fight once and for all!

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Leave us your comments, suggestions, own advice. Tell your story! Have you beaten your acne? Do you have any questions? Feel free to engage in conversation in the comments area below. On that note, I wish you good luck and know that with determination, everything is possible!


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