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Family Pool Fun

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With summer coming and the heat settling in, we can finally enjoy the water and water sports such as swimming which is an excellent exercise, and it is even more wonderful because it can benefit the whole family. Since, you have the possibility to swim in your own pool, in a municipal pool or even in the sea. But no matter how you do it, this summer dive and get wet often. You will see that it’s full of benefits for you and you’ll have a lot of Family pool fun this summer!

You have no excuse since there are plenty of options for you! If you do not have a pool in your yard, you might already be thinking to buy one. Or if not, you can always go to a public pool, I am sure there is at least one in your community. Or some of you may be luckier, living near the coast you can even allow yourself to swim in the sea. Then, at the risk of repeating myself, you have no excuse! Swim! But if possible try to respect the following 5 safety tips to make sure you’ll have a great family pool fun this summer…

But if you really don’t like water, then you could read an article I made in which I give 10 fun activities to stay active. click here to read it!

1. Moderation is key!

First, always try to keep moderation in mind. When you go swimming, stay aware of your energy and do not exhaust yourself to the maximum… Start with 10 to 20 minutes instead. We can increase this time once our endurance has improved. Then, when you go for a few lengths don’t try to go with all your strength at first. Learn to dose your energy, and to vary your efforts.

2. Get Quality Filter!

If you have your own pool, then it will be important to use a good quality filter. Believe me, if you try to save a little money by buying low-end filters, it will only result in constant maintenance costs. Then, on the other hand, it will also involve swimming in a pool still polluted by different organisms. So if you read my articles it’s because you care about your health, so I think you’ll pay more attention to buying your filters.

3. Be Aware Of Damages And Don’t Wait To Fix It

Again, if you have your own pool, don’t let it get damaged. Always try to repair any cracks in your pool liner as much as possible. If the tear is three inches or less, it will repair rather easily. However, if it is larger, you should not hesitate to replace the entire lining. You could save yourself the unpleasant surprises and if you want to have fun with your family this summer and the following ones, you should always think about taking care of your pool.

4. Don’t Run By The Pool Nor Dive

Please pay great attention to this point, never to leave children unattended. Also, one of the rules that everyone should follow for both children and adults is: Never run by the pool. Since running by a pool is often slippery and dangerous for falls. So don’t look for trouble for nothing, accidents can easily happen on slippery surfaces, so always play safely. But make sure you always have a first aid kit in case something happen!

5. Don’t Let Your Pool Toys Scatter Around

Sometimes a lot of pool toys, chemicals and cleaners are accumulated. So, if it starts hanging around your yard, you might want to think about finding a place to store it. A small shed or outdoor storage unit near the pool is ideal. However, it will be important not to store chemicals that can react dangerously with each other when in the vicinity. Also check that everything is well ventilated.

You Can Now Even Swim Underwater Wild Listening To Music

Diving masks, goggles, fins and floating boards are all tools that allow you to make your swim more fun and more challenging. Did you know that nowadays, you can even swim by listening to your favorite music a waterproof mp3 player and is specifically designed for swimming? So don’t sit around the pool all day, basking in the sun without moving. It’s all very well to have a nice tan, but you shouldn’t neglect physical activity and what better way to do it than to move and swim in the water! So get yours and use it as it is intended to be used. Jump in the water, swim, have fun and enjoy life!

I wish you all a wonderful summer! Tell us about your activities and discoveries, if any. We are always curious to see how you will enjoy your summer season. On that note, have fun! And by the way, if you don’t have a pool yet know that it’s not that expensive, these days you can find some for every budget just have a look at these examples below. (You’ll always save when you buy through Amazon) And remember that it doesn’t need to be super big, as long that you and your family can have a great time together!

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