Should Marijuana be legalized? | Is there a danger for our kids?
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Marijuana Legalization | The Good & The Bad Side

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Many people in North America believe that the money that comes from police marijuana seizures is currently helping to fund this war on terror, but fighting drugs while keeping marijuana out has not deterred millions of young Americans from using marijuana every day. So, what’s the answer? Should marijuana be legalized?  If yes, is there a danger for our kids?

Why was Marijuana initially declared illegal?

Now, why is marijuana still illegal in some states? First, it all started in the 1930s, when William Randolph Hearst, who had very significant financial interests in the lumber industry, came to tell Congress that things like marijuana drove people crazy and pushed them to commit acts of cannibalism? Iolll Seriously… Let me laugh a little, what madness! Let’s just say that in those distant times, very few people knew what it really was. Then, the members of Congress not being more knowledgeable about the subject decided to make the weed illegal in order to prevent people from going crazy. Fortunately, times are changing and people’s minds have changed, but there is still much room for improvement.

In reality, it was not only marijuana users who were thinking about legalizing the substance. The truth is that many paper producers were considering abandoning the use of trees in favor of hemp. Firstly, because it was much cheaper and hemp was obviously easier and quicker to grow and was a much better source of supply for the environment. However, as it is the money that seems to lead the world of politics and that Mr. Bennett Hearst was about to lose millions of dollars, he took advantage of his monetary influence, and his testimony before Congress was enough to help outlaw marijuana in the United States.

So now that we know the initial reason why it was made illegal, we can realize that making it legal in the United States could be useful in many ways. First, it would allow us to prevent criminals from smuggling it into the United States, but it would give us another option on cutting millions of trees every year. All this for simple paper, which in truth could be greatly improved with the usefulness of hemp.

The Utility Of Hemp

The plant called hemp has (you may not know this) thousands of uses that we are not able to exploit to its full potential because of its status which has remained far too long illegal.

Did you know that during the Second World War, hemp was used for the rigging of parachutes as well as for the rope, as well as for the huge ropes of ships and the fabric of uniforms?

Today, our product knowledge has evolved a lot. We now know that marijuana can be useful for pain relief and on the effects of cancer treatments and old age. For example, my father-in-law who had a brain tumor (may he rest in peace) had been told by the doctors that he didn’t have to take this or that medication because he was already smoking marijuana and that it gave the same result as the prescribed medication. It’s still surprising, isn’t it?

Recently, it has even been proven to slow the spread of Alzheimer’s disease by relieving the pressure behind the eyes of glaucoma. It also helps to alleviate migraine headaches and side effects during cancer treatment.

Money Rule The World

However, it is unfortunate to realize that it will only be when all states have realized how much money they can make with the product that they will make it legal. Luckily, in recent years some have followed suit and others will probably follow when they see the profits made.

That’s the kind of the scenario that happened with online casinos. The Americans, by ticketing these online gambling services was sending hundreds of millions of dollars out of their country and the government quickly realized it had to do something in order to keep players’ money within their borders. So they decided to ban online casinos. Nevertheless, over time they changed their decision and they ended up taking advantage of online casinos and online gambling. (Take the example of Loto-Québec’s Canadian website which offers online gambling and casino, this site belongs to the Government of Quebec) So I believe that one day the government will learn to take advantage of marijuana instead of simply banning it.

People who live in North America will eventually realize that the best way to stop the flow of money out of the continent is not by banning marijuana or online casinos, but by positioning themselves in the market and working in the right direction for the common good of all!

I am not saying to become like Amsterdam, but if the members of the government made a wise decision on the subject, it would not only save billions of dollars in taxes on marijuana sales but the whole economy, in general, would benefit. Because it could also prosper thanks to all the tourism it would bring from all over the world. Think about it!

General Marijuana Legalization Is Practically Inevitable

The truth is that general legalization is practically inevitable. The door has already been opened and now only the still recalcitrant states have to change their attitude. They will have to realize how much people have changed over the past 25 years. The dinosaurs still sitting in Congress will eventually leave their place to the younger generations who will begin to take control of the situation, it will become legal everywhere because they understand the truth that can be summarized quite well as follows: The fact of prohibiting anything only reinforces its illegal market.

Now Let’s See The Other Impacts Of Marijuana Legalization

Well, I started this article by talking about the fact that the legalization of marijuana could have a positive impact on the state’s finances as well as in the fight against drug importers. However, we must believe that it would not be all positive. Especially for our young children and teenagers. That is why in this second part I will talk about what marijuana is, how it works on the human body, its dangers, and how it can be detected with drug tests.

First of all, this is for those who are a little ignorant of what marijuana is. Marijuana, often called (Pot), is an illicit substance that most often is like smoking a cigarette (the way you look at it) rolled with rolling paper, marijuana is called a joint. Now, a cigar that is rolled with marijuana is called a Blunt. The drug is also consumed by means of a pipe or a bong. Nevertheless, regardless of the means used for its use, marijuana will tend to harm the body as well as harm the judgment and its use with the upcoming legalization in Canada seems to become a great concern for businesses. Since they may have to do a better job of controlling the sobriety of their employees.

First of all, what is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or better known as THC, is the active substance found in marijuana. As an active ingredient, it is responsible for what causes the feelings of pleasure generally described by those who use marijuana.

Signs of marijuana abuse

Regular users who smoke a lot of marijuana often have very revealing symptoms, such as loud conversations and laughter, or show signs of drowsiness, frequently irritated eyes, not to mention bad breath and clothes that are impregnated with the strong smell of cannabis. Then they can develop a distorted sense of time and can often be distracted.

What are the signs of marijuana addiction?

Drug addicts, or if you prefer marijuana addicts, are most of the time focused on drugs and when they can smoke their pot, where they will do it and of course where they will get their next bag. However, it is still easy to notice the warning signs of addiction. Because even though marijuana doesn’t have the same effect as some hard drugs, it still remains addictive. The first signs that do not lie are the uncontrollable need to use, the psychic fixation on drugs and the uninterrupted use of drugs, despite the physical, emotional, mental and social conditions of the subject.

Are There Any Marijuana Tests?

This question is increasingly coming up on the lips of business leaders. Existing marijuana testing will be very beneficial to businesses as well as parents. Not only is marijuana testing easy to perform using a saliva sample, but it is also very simple identified in the lab. Since a few years, several companies have given themselves the challenge to set up the best possible detection tool.

So these days there are more and more marijuana test kits. They are available in a variety of formats and involve different tests, including hair, urine, saliva and a spray form. Each of these tests demonstrates its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most popular marijuana test at home and at the workplace is undoubtedly the urine sample screening test.

Marijuana And Work Should Not Be Mix Together

With this type of test, when a urine sample is collected, the gauge or any other analytical instrument is subjected to the sample and the findings can be read in just a few minutes. More and more companies offering good jobs require screening before hiring and you can be sure that with the upcoming legalization you will find many more!

It is clear that employers benefit greatly from the use of THC testing. Because it maintains a safe work environment for employees and maintains production at a higher level. Productivity decreases have often been associated with drug use at work, as have absenteeism, insurance claims, and workplace accidents. In order to avoid all this, company managers have begun to implement a screening system to prevent drug abuse within their companies and thus ensure that employees are safe, healthy and performing to the best of their abilities.

Would You Test Your Child?

The same goes for parents. Indeed if you have teenagers you can also benefit from these tests. Drug testing kits are now made very simple to use and allow families who are concerned to find out whether or not their child is using drugs. Marijuana testing may help keep drugs out of your home and your children’s hands. With legalization gaining ground, I strongly suggest you take a few moments to have a good discussion with your little family. Because I sincerely believe that communication, when well managed, can greatly help young people to understand the negative aspects that drug abuse can bring.

Without Moderation, Marijuana Can Become Addictive

The psychoactive effects of marijuana will vary depending on the method of use. High doses of this substance can cause mild hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, and delusions. When you become a regular consumer you can lose interest in your goals. Other harmful effects will be reduced attention and concentration, drowsiness and even euphoria. Then, as you can imagine, when we find ourselves in these states, we are inclined to make inappropriate decisions.

It is certain that smoking Marijuana can cause serious lung problems, as well as affect respiratory function. Marijuana can actually cause serious damage, more serious than smoking the cigarette! By the simple fact that it is inhaled deeply and held longer in the lungs. Ho! this one will be the one to take advantage of to dissuade them to consume. IT CAN RUIN SEXUAL HEALTH. I guarantee that today no young person wants to lose their sexual health. So, take advantage of this aspect to dissuade them to consume.

Marijuana Might Be Good, But Your Sex Life Is Probably More Fun!

Marijuana can completely disrupt and interfere with sexual function and especially the reproductive system of men. Since it increases vasodilatation of the genital organs and can cause ejaculation problems. In addition, some studies seem to show that its consumption can lead, among other things, to degeneration and a decrease in sperm count.

As for women, they may experience a disruption in the ovulation process, disorganization of menstrual periods and damaged eggs. Overuse of cannabis for long periods of time can lead to depression, loss of libido and impotence. As a result, marijuana has often been associated with lower fertility levels and an increased risk of producing abnormal embryos.

In addition to these consequences when there is marijuana abuse, there are other organs that are affected by its non-moderated use. The chemicals in this product have been found to damage certain sensory reactions in the brain. When there is high oral consumption. (Some people process cannabis to make cookies). This causes hallucinations, anxiety attacks, and can even lead to delusions of paranoia.

The Sign That Doesn’t Lie

A very striking sign in those who have consumed are the eyes. Because the blood vessels dilate due to vasodilation and this causes redness in the eyes.

In addition, it should be noted that the effects of marijuana are enhanced when combined with other street drugs such as cocaine, speed, ecstasy and lysergic acid Diethylamide (LSD).

If your child is caught with problems related to cannabis use, know that it is never too late! No, it is never too late to break the habit or, more appropriately, addiction to this drug. Even if, in reality, it is one of the easiest substances to obtain on the street, believe me, there are dealers everywhere and everything will surely soon be legal.

Do You Wish To Break Up Your Addiction?

However, people who wish to get rid of this dependence will go through some symptoms more or less strong, depending on the level of consumption. Usually, they will experience moments of insomnia, will be irritable for some time, accompanied by increased aggressiveness and other detoxification symptoms.

However, overcoming substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms is not an impossible task. Studies have shown that approximately 120,000 people will enter detox centers to help solve their marijuana problems. However, this is not necessary for all cannabis can very well be stopped without outside help. It will only take will!

With the right tools and the right attitude, quitting smoking and reducing the effects of second-hand smoke on your health can be easier than you can imagine. It is essential to understand the harmful consequences of marijuana on sexual health and well-being in general, so I invite you now to have a little family discussion on the subject in order to make the younger and older understand the good and bad side of marijuana and its upcoming legalization.

I’m asking you now, what do you think? let me know by leaving your comments below, it will be my pleasure to talk with you on the matter!


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