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Overcome Your Physical Barriers

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So, if you’re interested in the title of this article, it means you’re probably like me. That is, for you, the thirst to be in good physical shape and to manage your weight well can sometimes seem overwhelming. Then, as if the search for a good physical condition is not hard enough, there are unfortunately often several challenges to overcome such as health problems, time management, courage, determination or even dynamism. Since, even if you train yourself for some time, you will continuously have to overcome your physical barriers to overcome. So how can we put all this into context?

If you look at it from the perspective of Tom Turner, Spina Bifida’s executive liaison chief, there is no mountain too high to climb and every obstacle can be overcome. Tom is also in a good position to talk. Since paralyzed from the waist since birth, he is now 35 years old and trains on average at least three times a week. In truth, he was implying that he simply could not function well without his training sessions.

So, in my eternal quest to have the last word on how to get through the fitness tests, I took the initiative to contact Tom in writing. After some very enriching discussions, we began to elaborate on three basic principles, which we believe will help dispel the fears and intimidation that people may have as we strive to achieve our fitness goals. After all, if Tom, despite his disability, can exercise regularly, it should be proof that if we really want it we can!

Here is the first basic principle
– Penetrate your fear –

This is what Tom wanted to convey from the start.

Learn to understand that no mountain (or obstacle) is too high and that no goal is too complicated to reach.
Essentially, in this case, it’s about facing your fears and confronting them. That is why you must learn to recognize the fears you have within you. Identify them and progress through them. Ask yourself this question:

  • What makes me uncomfortable?

Maybe you let yourself go and now you’re afraid you won’t be able to get back on top? Or maybe you have an injury that has made you feel ashamed or afraid of your own body? Only know that if you can visualize your situation creatively, then you can overcome your fears and put them in check for good. Are you able to visualize what you want to become and how you would like to be? Because everything should start with the definition of your objectives. Keep this in mind: your body really loves you and it also has the potential to heal itself perfectly! The only job that will rest on your shoulders will be to trust him and be very attentive to what he tells you.

So, right now, what does your body seem to be telling you? learn to decipher his language

Let us now look at the second principle
– Trust your intuition –

This advice is of paramount importance. Since, to overcome difficulties and learn to overcome barriers, you will have to start listening seriously to this little voice that emanates from within. Most of the time, people like the comfort of having someone who tells us what we can and cannot do. However, our highest truth is buried within us. This does not mean that the opinion of others is not an important factor, but in reality, decision-making should always come from within.

When you encounter a challenge or obstacle, take the time to look at how you feel. What does your instinct seem to tell you? Often, your instinct is the one that will move you to a new state of mind and elevate your consciousness. That’s what Tom tells me about it:

I wasn’t gonna let a wheelchair get between me and my goals.
In fact, he mentioned to me that he simply had to change his approach to this. He told me that he first had to get to know what his limitations were, in order to create some type of border himself. Because as he said so well:
We all have limits! Whether a person can walk or not, the trials they encounter will be as unique as the people themselves. That is why it is preferable above all to know and evaluate your limits well.

Later, Tom mentioned that he always tries to reach his limits. 

First, I aim as high as I can within my abilities. Whether it’s more sets, rehearsals or more endurance, I allow myself all the time I need to achieve my small goals, one at a time. It amazes me every time, step by step at my speed I will finally reach a great goal.Tom

Here is the third and last principle
– Don’t let the darkness of fear put you to sleep –

Then I wanted to know what Tom thought about fear? For example, if we enter the darkness of fear and face it eye to eye, what will happen? So I asked Tom, “Were you ever scared?” Then he answered me this:

After 19 operations and surgery in my life, I really accepted and tamed fear. I am talking here about our most primitive fear, the fear of death. Once you recognize that death is part of the divine plan. It is in itself a form of liberation. That is why, in front of this kind of fear you just have to let it go and, instead, enjoy your time and live. So, in summary, instead of focusing on fear focus your attention on how you want to live. That’s how I chose to live my life instead of being afraid of death.Tom

So, what should we remember from all this?

The bottom line is that fear usually prevents us from living truly and healthily. Tom also added that having a positive attitude is the key to achieve any success. In his words it sounds like this short sentence:

Life is about attitude, I could have let fear get me down, but I really didn’t want to miss the chance to be a part of tomorrow. Tom
That said, let us know what fears seem to be blocking your path to well-being? But remember that what matters the most is that today you are ready to face them once and for all.

In conclusion :
– Life beyond the frontiers of fear –

When you’ll have successfully confronted your fears and pushed your limits, what will happen then? So I asked Tom that question. He smiled and answered me.

Find a new challenge, or another mountain to climb. That’s what makes life exciting. I know I have restrictions. Just as I know there will probably be days when the need to stay in bed will be felt and I will have to rest. However, it is at those moments when I am with myself and my thoughts that I visualize what I will set myself as my next goal.Tom

Personal note: Here I chose Tom as my model. For the simple reason that we often turn to the media for this kind of story, but they are sometimes illusory. However, there are “real” people all around the globe who manage to achieve great things… Bring your attention around you, ANGELS ARE EVERYWHERE! Learn from them. If you need a model, choose someone whose values you appreciate. Then, set your goals and go on an adventure, climb mountains, the sky is the limit! Put your will and intention into action and enjoy the journey!

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