• Best Water Ionizer & Healthy Drinking Water Facts
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    Healthy Drinking Water Facts

    BEST WATER IONIZER & HEALTHY DRINKING WATER FACTS First of all, it would be really great if everyone could stop poisoning themselves with our drinking water, which is unfortunately often contaminated or unfit for human health. At first, as far as I was concerned, I didn’t think that finding a…

  • 10 healthy tips for successful fitness

    10 Healthy Fitness tips

    10 HEALTH FITNESS TIPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS So, first of all, I’d like to clarify something. If so many people fail or give up their training program in the first three months, it is because most of them are not consistent and lack will in their actions. However, for…

  • Skin Psoriasis Treatment
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    Skin Psoriasis Treatment

    SKIN PSORIASIS TREATMENT The warm summer weather usually translates into a return to shorts, skirts, and T-shirts, as well as beach vacations. However, for millions of North Americans suffering from psoriasis, this can be a very stressful time of year. For that reason, I’ll try to give you the more…

  • Family pool fun 5 safety tips
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    Family Pool Fun

    FAMILY POOL FUN 5 SAFETY TIPS FOR MORE POOL FUN   With summer coming and the heat settling in, we can finally enjoy the water and water sports such as swimming which is an excellent exercise, and it is even more wonderful because it can benefit the whole family. Since,…

  • How To Strengthen Your Chi - Awaken Your Inner Power
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    The Power of Chi

     HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CHI AND AWAKEN YOUR INNER POWER Now I know that we all have different reasons for taking our health in hand and doing what we can to be healthy. However, determining your reasons will allow you to focus on the finish line and visualize the results…