An unfortunate master deception
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The Master Deception

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An unfortunate master deception is holding people around the world in its grip. Ecclesiastics, ministers, lawyers, architects, scientists, doctors (especially doctors), university teachers, members of the middle class, workers, as well as people of all nationalities are currently the victims of this superstition.

I myself was in this group for 38 years. I really and truly thought that what doctors said was trustworthy and I would not have dared to question them.

So, what is this unfortunate master deception?

Well, that’s the widespread belief, that health can be achieved and maintained and that diseases can be cured by medicines and medicinal products. They have not bothered to inquire and investigate, without prejudice, this absurd and appalling belief.

an unfortuate master deception

So what we actually have are doctors, nurses and drugs stores (ho! By the way, we don’t have drug stores anymore). Since they are now called Pharmacies. Besides, I just checked the phone book. And not surprisingly we can find plenty of other specialist doctors who all seem to be committed to these false hopes.

You must know that suffering and mourning are the common lots of humanity, with the exception, however, of those who have finally freed themselves from this deception.

Why offering yourself in sacrifice

Before I continue, I must tell you that I consider myself aligned with the philosophy of natural hygienists and naturopathic doctors. We consider it simply astounding that the simple facts before us are so generally ignored by the vast majority of people and that they offer themselves in sacrifice to this great deception.

When a health theorization is proposed on ways and means to cure something, cause they will find and develop a cure. They say, give us more money! And in addition, these stories are proclaimed as a great success of treatments and cures.

However, it seems obvious to us that the first principles of science are flouted from the beginning and this, in the globality of such a hypothesis. Even if we would write texts that define in simple words the rules of health, the methods that prevent diseases and cure ailments, very few conventional or specialized journals with high circulation will print it.

The Margie Garrison Example

For example, The Author Margie Garrison, after suffering from arthritis for several years and having been rid of this debilitating condition for several weeks, mentioned this little story.

I brought my book (I cure my Arthritis You can too) to the Arthritis Foundation Regional Meeting. I was so excited that with this book, they could keep their promise that if we sent them more money, they would find a real cure. What a waste…

My husband dropped me off at the hotel entrance and went to the parking lot. However, when he arrived at the entrance, he found that two uniformed officers were escorting me to the exit and pushing me physically. We were stunned.

They told me that they did not want this kind of book at their meeting. So, in summary, we were seen as persona non grata by the leaders of this foundation. Margie Garrison

Since then, however, Margie has distributed over 310,000 copies worldwide and receives invitations and emails every day to receive sincere thanks for changing the lives of thousands of readers.

The Importance Of Spreading The Word

So it’s mainly to people, like Margie Garrison, who believe as natural hygienists think, that it’s important to spread the word. It is true that in the 1980s, there were probably no more than 6,500 doctors telling their patients that what I am saying here is true. Garrison mentions two of them in her book (I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too). Then, nearly 30 years later in 2018, there are thousands more. However, we believe that we must continue our progress in this direction.

Since, for us in reality, it is a surprisingly simple thing.

Have an excellent balanced diet, breathe fresh air, drink clean water regularly, exercise and maintain good physical condition. As well as to maintain positive and pleasant thoughts. This is how you can enjoy fantastic health. Give your cells adequate nutrition and your immune system will return to what God gave us in the first place. Your immune system will then rebuild your body and you will finally enjoy freedom from all pathologies.

We All Need To Wake Up

Now there are millions of people who have begun to rebel against what I would like to call (the atrocities suffered as a result of this deception).

an unfortunate master deceptionMany of them are currently ill and are subjected to the treatments and poisons prescribed to them. Drugs in large containers have the symbol of the skull and crossed bones, but when we receive the small bottles as prescriptions, there are none?

I even read that from the 1930s it was advisable to use an aluminum product as a cheap deodorant. Well, believe me, they did it and it’s now clear that it contributed to how Alzheimer’s progressed in society in the years that followed. Since, if you didn’t know it, aluminum is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. Then the great misfortune is that most of your deodorants today still use aluminum. You doubt this? no problem, just read the ingredient list and you’ll see I’m not lying.

What about the progression of all diseases

I don’t have final statistics but take a look around. In the early twentieth century, it was almost impossible to have heart problems. They did not spend time on that subject in medical schools. It’s the same for all the major diseases of today, such as cancer, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and the list is long and yet none was even minor. Then if they went back in time in 1960, there was one out of 20 people who suffered from arthritis. Today, believe it or not, it is now 1 out of 3.

It’s the same with cancer. Today, young people also suffer from it. Cardiovascular disorders are killing us faster than ever. I will try to find these exact figures.

Indeed, we all know that at the time of writing those lines, the United States is far from being a healthy society. It is probably one of the countries that have been most affected by this Master Medical Deception. Have you ever met so many people with so many health problems? Baby boomers are filling our hospitals with diseases and patients.

Hospital Are Fill With People Of All Age

I had to take my son to the hospital recently due to a minor soccer injury and I was able to see people of all ages in deplorable conditions. Many seemed to suffer from diabetes, but mostly from overweight.

For a few years now, I have had the feeling that I have a duty to talk to the people on the other side. I’ve done some small lectures and I’ve talked on several media and today I deliver this article on the subject. I get people who ask me to unsubscribe because of my belief. There may even be people who want me to stop following this blog because of these teachings. (Sorry but I won’t)

Drugs Are Taking Over

I knew a friend of my mother’s who constantly called me crying, telling me about the 4, 5, 6 different drugs she had to ingest every day. Although they do name them prescriptions. I always asked her to take her hand out of her pharmacy and take the time to read about each drug she was taking and then go talk to our doctor.

What Do I Preach In One Paragraph?

First, you must give your body what it needs in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, and exercise, drink pure water regularly, do not allow any negative thoughts towards anyone and their lives. Then, feed your cells to let our immune system do the work God wanted it to do.

This is what is really being in a true state of health.

If our immune system does not get the right diet, we will end up with difficulties.

Will this happen overnight? Of course not, you cannot stop using the substances you take without the consent and support of your doctor. Too many side effects are possible during a sudden stop of medication.

Nor did you find yourself in the state you are in overnight. You will also not regain perfect health overnight. But if you start now, this summer or earlier, you won’t even recognize yourself.

Promote solid cell reproduction, strong muscle sets, healthy breathing, increased energy levels and physical fitness.

For this reason, I can advise you to get supplements that are advanced Nutraceutical supplements. Make an impact on your health today. Feel the results and get VIBRANT HEALTH.

The Bible Can Truly Teach Us A Lot

This will sound crazy to some but I sincerely believe that it is good to be careful what the Bible teaches about food. Essentially that moderation must be applied in all things.

Stop this crazy dependence on all cooked ingredients and pre-cooked dishes. We have learned the benefits of fasting and it is very useful for your body. Then leave the fast food, it is not better and even very harmful. It will cost you more in cash when you buy fast food. Then, the worst part is that it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in medical bills later.

Print this in the memory!
You are the one who is responsible for what you eat, drink and do. You are actually the only one who can make changes so that you can live, have fun and enjoy a good life without illness.

If you persist in adopting this state of mind, you will do your doctor a great service. They all seem overworked and struggle to help. However, I am sure you will be very happy not to have to visit him again and leave your place to others.

There’s Just No Magical Solution

Then stop looking for a magic solution. There are none. Make sure you get up every morning, grateful for your health and your state of mind. As well as for the love of your family. Start each day with a smile on your face. I’m sure you can.

You will need to learn to see the difficulties that arise as problems that need a solution. Then just work on the solution and not focus on the problem. If you cannot correct or transform it, create a mental compartment in which you will place these things and then lock it. Then, you just have to let go. don’t allow anything negative in my living space. Can you do that? Of course, it’s obvious. If you want you can! Let me know how it changes your life and tell me about the resolutions and changes you plan to make. With that, I wish you the best of health.

Your good friend MAC.

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